LVO 2015 Day 3 – How I wish that there were more

Than the twenty-four hours in the day


Day 3

At the beginning of day 3, with only 2 games left the Resistance was out in a commanding lead.  Next was Cameron’s PHR and a bit behind him was Martin’s Shaltari tied with my own.

My first game I was paired against Scott’s Resistance again, this time playing Recon.  I do not like Recon for a few reasons, but recognize it as being in my favor playing as Shaltari.  Here is Scott’s list again in case you forgot. Continue reading


LVO Day 2 – And I’m just the devil with love to spare

Viva Las Vegas, Viva Las Vegas

by chrisloomis13

Day 2 Since I had played both of the other Shaltari players on Day 1, I knew I would be facing at least one PHR opponent, with the options for 2 of the other games being more PHR, UCM, or Resistance. All of these factions are slower, yet sturdier than what I had faced in Day 1. First game was against Scott and his Resistance. Continue reading

LVO 2015 Preliminary Report – Got a whole lot of money that’s ready to burn

So get those stakes up higher!

I have few pics as the lighting stunk, we played at the Flamingo

I have few pics as the lighting stunk, we played at the Flamingo

And I’m back [from the LVO].  What an awesome few days.  DZC by day, Vegas life by night, and sometimes I even slept.  This will be the first part of four posts I plan to do on my LVO experience.  This one will give you the juicy tidbits like who won, rumors, chatting w/ Dave and Simon, and meeting some other dedicated DZC ‘Murricans (Americans, for those w/o an English-American dictionary).

Continue reading

Bright Light City Gonna Set My Soul

Gonna set my soul on fire!

Tomorrow I (Chris) head to Vegas for the LVO, specifically the DZC tournament if it is any surprise. This is my first DZC tournament outside of Endgame, and I am really curious as to what I may see. I am taking Shaltari as that is the only army I play (contrary to popular belief, which is I take Shaltari b/c I’m a dick). Continue reading