Episode 1 – Rumble in the Jungle!

Welcome, everyone, to the Rolling Hot podcast!

We’re just getting started so please excuse the rather spartan look, but things will develop (hopefully) as we go along!

In this episode we’re taking a look at terrain, specifically non-urban terrain – yes, the game plays just as well out in the hills and woods as it does in the city. It’s a different challenge but just as much fun!

00.25 – 12:52 – Intro

13:46 – 51:01 – Games Played & Hobby Progress

51:11 – 1:17:25 – Training Field: Terrain Rules

1:17:25 – 1:50:10 – Op Orders: Playing Games in Rural Terrain

1:50:16 – Show Closing

The handy terrain chart that we talked about on the show is available here: Dropzone Terrain Types

Since this show was recorded, we’ve launched our spring campaign and the first games featured a whole bunch of new rural terrain that Stephen labored long hours over. It looks great and I’ll get some pics of the games that used it up soon!

We’re happy to hear your feedback, particularly about topics you’d like to hear us cover. Please comment below! You can also email us at  dzcrollinghot@gmail.com

Music provided by http://www.podcastthemes.com


7 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Rumble in the Jungle!

  1. Great to see more podcasts, guys! i will make to to make some cemmercial on the Swedish DZC blog as well for you, if you’d like?

    I’ll listen in and come back to you. Though I must confess that I’m not sure on how to download the podcast so I can listen while on the road (it soaks up my internet with one episode otherwise).

    Quick questions; Are you planning one 2 hour show or can you consider halving that and double the releases instead? Personally I have found an hour of listening to be the best while 2 hours is very seldom I have the chance to listen fully.

    How often are you planning on releases? Will you coordinate with Orbital bombardment (I’m thinking together you guys could have one release almost each week)?

    Also, do you plan showing the time and topics on the blog? I’m thinking 00-05min Intro.05-15: terrain talk and so on. It helps to remind people on where they were if interrupted while listening.

    Great initiative guys and I’ll look forward hearing more.


  2. We’re planning on one 1.5 – 2hr show per month. We (I, Mike) just don’t have the time to do more than that! I’ll start putting time checks in the show notes. Thanks for listening and thanks for the feedback!


    • What about a section on squad synergies.
      There are obvious ones like UCM longbows and the armour. Are the the longbows better in the smae battle group as most of the armour for smart smoke activation benefits? Are scout better in command battle groups or others. This sort of thing.


      • Definitely thinking about something like this. I often feel people evaluate units in a vacuum, and what really matters is how they work in conjunction with the units around them. Thanks!


  3. Hey guys, Great to finally hear and understandable DZC podcast (not that the other isn’t good…there’s just so much over talking each other, it’s sometimes hard to follow)The best thing you could do is have clean audio feeds. I enjoyed listening. I think it’s great to ask the listeners what they like hear and dedicate some time for them(Us). One quick house keeping item for you….The dark background and black text, makes the blog a little hard to see (old age sucks) 🙂 Keep up the good work!!!!


  4. Hi,
    I really enjoyed the podcas.
    Thank you.

    We are having the same discussion about terrain, terrain features, etc. right now, since we are using a lot of this stuff…
    One idea: Small bases of 1-2 cars and small clumps of trees perfectly fit the description of micro structures (pg.30/319 with 2 Damage Points each.

    “Suddenly you will be very happy you have that Minigun to clear a landing zone or remove cover”




    • That’s a fantastic idea! I had forgotten about micro structures! I could totally see using those rules for destroying environmental features!


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