Rural Terrain Pics

I wanted to show you all some pics of the rural terrain battlefields from our campaign kickoff event. These were built by Stephen and we think he did a great job! Personally, I love the alien-looking trees and I’m eager to do some scenarios set on the Shangri-la cradle world! There’s also a shot in here of a desert game board I played on a few weeks ago. If you have questions about how any of this was built, please comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Rural Terrain Pics

  1. hi
    how is it to play this game on rural tables?
    I want to try it too on such tables (or similar, maybe more canyons and such stuff) but we´re maybe too much used to play in the city

    how is it with objectives? it should change the gameplay, not?


    • It is a real treat. It is much different and we highly recommend giving it a go. Some of us have played with shorelines, dried out riverbeds, and large hills. All of these help break LoS, though the area terrain helps with that also. It does change game play, as different vehicles are affected by it differently making your choices and your opponents different, both in list construction and play.


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