Bright Light City Gonna Set My Soul

Gonna set my soul on fire!

Tomorrow I (Chris) head to Vegas for the LVO, specifically the DZC tournament if it is any surprise. This is my first DZC tournament outside of Endgame, and I am really curious as to what I may see. I am taking Shaltari as that is the only army I play (contrary to popular belief, which is I take Shaltari b/c I’m a dick).


Shaltari have been quite the topic online, but I do not think they are OP. Also my list has a lot less Jaguars and Caimans, as well as no Dreamsnare, so I don’t think it is super hard, but it is what I have right now.

I am expecting some experienced opponents, because I don’t see many new players going to Vegas to play in a tournament on a whim, but I could be wrong.

Anyways, I’ll stop babbling and get on to my list:

Clash: 1500/1500 points

Standard Army

Standard Roster [1500/1500 pts]

Gate Group [275 pts]

  • Eden Gates: Eden [45 pts]
  • Eden Gates: Eden [45 pts]
  • Eden Gates: Eden [45 pts]
  • Spirit Gates: Spirit [40 pts]
  • Spirit Gates: Spirit [40 pts]
  • Haven: Haven [15 pts]
  • Haven: Haven [15 pts]
  • Haven: Haven [15 pts]
  • Haven: Haven [15 pts]

Court of Elders [271 pts]

  • Coyote: Coyote(Elder) [171 pts]
  • Jaguar Squad: Jaguar [100 pts]

Swordpoint [220 pts]

  • Tarantula Squad: 2x Tarantula [110 pts]
  • Tarantula Squad: 2x Tarantula [110 pts]

Warrior Clan [199 pts]

  • Kukri Squad: 3x Kukri [135 pts]
  • Braves: 2x Braves [64 pts]

Warrior Clan [64 pts]

  • Braves: 2x Braves [64 pts]

Speartip [246 pts]

  • Firstborns: 2x Firstborns [96 pts]
  • Firstborns: 2x Firstborns [96 pts]
  • Yari Squad: 2x Yari(+Light Ion Cannon) [54 pts]

Warfist [225 pts]

  • Firedrake: Firedrake [130 pts]
  • Caiman Squad: Caiman [95 pts]


I’ve added more Havens to my first list, as it allows more activation denial on the first turn and they are more resilient than Spirits. I like Spirits, but a smart opponent will limit their options if not kill them. The rest of the gate group is pretty typical I feel.


I had a higher CV originally but dropped it down to add the Havens and upgrade the Yari guns. The majority of the time I play I use an Elder and it hasn’t been an issue.


Two squads of Tarantulas because I’ve always been a player that prefers more units than fewer elite options. My opinion has begun to change for Shaltari and DZC, as Jaguars are so good, why not spam them? I only have the one Jaguar complete, and will continue with the Tarantula. Prior to that it was always two squads of Tomahawks, but they bounce so many shots (I started calling them Tunahawks) that I switched to the Tarantula as soon as they were painted. I don’t demo buildings much anymore because of the switch, but the Tarantula scare heavy things and they are still pretty fast. Just need to make sure I don’t get too brazen with them, as A8 ain’t much, even with 2DP.


Kukri seem needed until I can put enough Jaguars down that they are not. Four squads of infantry is standard for me. I took 2nd in a previous tournament because my opponent had Firstborn and I didn’t, and after playing some games where I ran into multiple exotics I have gone with two squads of Firstborn to insure CQB wins. The Yari are nice, but mostly there to allow me the double Firstborn.



The Caiman has been one of my favorite units almost from the beginning. I really want a second, but just have the one for now. I also have the Firedrake in this group for a powerful activation. After playing Freeriders I feel that templates are nearly mandatory for hopes of clearing some of them out. The F’Drake has also sniped quite a few AA units from afar, so it definitely pulls weight.


So that rounds out the list without me getting into what I wish I could have. Now llets get into what I fear.

From UCM, an abundance of A10 has always been a pain.  Also the amount of shots they can spit out can be problematic. I also have a respect for Rapiers, as E7 AA is just trouble.

Scourge will have a Desolator, which is a pain, but what I really find scary is a Despoiler full of Hunters. That is a lot of high Energy shots, and if deployed right will always have skimmer bonus. My E6 AA can’t touch their A8, so I need the F’Drake with support to step in and hope it works. Either that or run away, I’m pretty fond of this tactic.

PHR have lots of toys, but it is the basic Type 1 walkers that are a pain. Phobos is AA E7, and thus respected. Ares are E10, but only ever suffer a +1 Acc penalty, so will hit more often against skimmer and hull down targets. Hades and Sirens I have played around, but the T1 walkers are numerous and I usually have to fight them if I am avoiding the Hades, Sirens, and T2 walkers. Erebos walkers are also a bummer, but luckily less common.

Other Shaltari that have the brick (2 Jags + Dreamsnare) will be difficult. Assuming they know where to place it, it will be hard to shift. I am optimistic my Tarantula may be able to help if I have to fight it. I have not run them against one yet, so it’s a bit of speculation. Not much else bothers me, Shaltari vs Shaltari is always fun.

And Resistance, have lots of scary things. Freeriders as mentioned, but also the Cyclones are a pain. 2DP and A6 has had my Kukris struggling in recent games. Also Pathfinder Archangels just murder gates with near impunity it feels. I’m hoping no one takes any because Fast Movers are out of fashion (doesn’t sound like they ever were, but that is a different article, and probably author as Mike is pretty passionate on this subject).

That is it for now, hope to get some recaps while I am there, some questions answered by Dave and Simon would be cool, and am excited to meet more of the DZC community outside of East Bay, CA.


7 thoughts on “Bright Light City Gonna Set My Soul

  1. Best of luck, would I like to make it, but 3 kids make funds lacking + man points spent.
    Nice to see a non-brick list, though a dream snare backing up the ■Tarantulas would help alot.



    • They are really fragile but make good ambushers, just have to be patient until you figure out where the heavy stuff is headed and then deploy behind a climbable building. The area is either denied or the trap is sprung. They don’t survive many games, but I find them worth it.


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