LVO 2015 Preliminary Report – Got a whole lot of money that’s ready to burn

So get those stakes up higher!

I have few pics as the lighting stunk, we played at the Flamingo

I have few pics as the lighting stunk, we played at the Flamingo

And I’m back [from the LVO].  What an awesome few days.  DZC by day, Vegas life by night, and sometimes I even slept.  This will be the first part of four posts I plan to do on my LVO experience.  This one will give you the juicy tidbits like who won, rumors, chatting w/ Dave and Simon, and meeting some other dedicated DZC ‘Murricans (Americans, for those w/o an English-American dictionary).

There were seven participants, but unfortunately one dropped after the first day, so more like six.

  • 1 UCM
  • 0 Scourge
  • 2 PHR
  • 2 Shaltari (3 if you count the player that dropped)
  • 1 Resistance

Also our Benevolent Leader (TO) played Resistance as a ringer list that first day.

The final standings:

  • 1st – Resistance
  • 2nd – PHR
  • 3rd – Shaltari (me)

Technically I tied for 2nd, but that is after a paint score was added in. It would have pushed me to 2nd if I didn’t tie for best painted. The TO loved how much I tied and made his life difficult. But regardless, going strictly by Tournament points, the above is correct.

How did this come about? I suppose you’ll just have to come back and read my game reports that will follow for days 1, 2 and 3.

Now for rumors, if you can call them that, as these are straight out of Dave and Simon’s mouths, though add some salt as this is from memory. The UCM Falcon and Shaltari Thunderbird will see a point decrease and gain Evasion 2. That is nice! The PHR Menchit will see a point decrease, and range increase, and maybe shots increase? Shaltari Warspear will get a second DP. The Scourge Harbringer will be utilized by more than the current walkers. I am not sure if this alludes just to the Oppressor (the new Command unit) or perhaps more other things.

My other flamingo pic

My other flamingo pic

The Resistance will be in Dropfleet Commander, but as a scenario pack like the bunkers, ODL, and monorail. These Resistance forces will be those that fled and have been randomly jumping about the galaxy, but with the beacons back on, they are returning to the Cradle worlds. Some may be military craft, some will not. Resistance Freeriders will change, but this has been mentioned on the forums. To recap, they’ll see a point increase and L2 on their mines.

Also, the Shaltari Dreamsnare will be going up in points.  Dave and Simon refuse to comment on whether the Scourge are running from something else or not – they shut that convo down right quick. They stuck to their eight factions is best mantra, but they did say DZC will continue for a long time. In their words, it’ll be their 40K. They have DFC on the horizon and they mentioned a third core game in the universe. No details on it, but they did say three core games.  This is all I can recall now, but I will update if anything else comes back to me.

Other than the game, we discussed travel, sports, and how Dave began Hawk (it involved three years living with his parents). They are super awesome guys to hang with, and I wish I had stayed another night to go out with them. Maybe some of the other players that did will have some more info. They also want to see a Team America [FUCK YEAH!] at Invasion, ASAP. So I guess I gotta start saving.


We had a good spread of players from across the US, with Cameron from Atlanta playing PHR and Scott (piperider)  from DC representing the East Coast playing Resistance.  Martin playing Shaltari and Randy playing UCM were the local Las Vegas representatives. Rich (Greenstuff Industries) playing PHR and myself playing Shaltari represented the West Coast, specifically the East Bay of NorCal. The competition was very tight with few blowouts and since we had more games than players there were some rematches. Also, our Benevolent Leader Solomon (Tenebris) threw some wacky untested scenarios in which were amusing and different.

That is it for now.  The next three articles will be my daily recap, as I try to recall everything through a booze laced neon haze and attempt to set the mood for you. Until then, Viva Las Vegas!


9 thoughts on “LVO 2015 Preliminary Report – Got a whole lot of money that’s ready to burn

  1. Thx for the tidbits. Falcon getting E2 is nice, Warspear getting 2nd damage point is also nice.
    Going to Invasion is pipe dream for me. Way too expensive to go play with my plastic army men for 3 days.


    • No, you go for 10 days (or more), with Invasion in the middle, so you’ve had some time to recoup from the trip over and adjust to the time zone change, then do a little sightseeing, then head down to Croydon, meet a bunch of awesome guys and gals, play a bunch of DzC games with people your friends will ~never~ get to play against, get some cool info on upcoming stuff, hang out with Dave & Simon & Louis & Patrice, et al, then recover from that, do some more sightseeing, then head home, where you recover from the Westward trip back (that’s always worse, IMHO) before you’ve got to go back to work. 2 week vacation planned right thar! LOL!


  2. Wow, great rumors!

    – Falcon goes down in points AND get E+2? Yeah!!! 😀
    – Menchit goes down in points, gets better range and possibly more shots? Yeah!!! (He said hopefully…). Glad I left the guns off the Type 2 walkers from the plastic starter set! 🙂
    – Warspear gets a second DP??? WTF? Damn… :-/
    – Dreamsnare goes up in points? Yeah!!! 😀
    – Harbinger to possibly carry even more stuff than the Stalkers, Ravagers and Oppressor? OK, I likee, time to order the other Harbingers I was going to get anyway, I suppose… 🙂

    I’m guessing (meaning I hooe) that the third game will be a 28mm skirmish game to detect what really goes on in CQB. A number of former military friends of mine (mostly ex-USMC) have expressed a desire to see this added to DzC and the upcoming DfC as another system in the HWG milieu. Woukd be great for total campaigns, where you came into a system, fought a space battle (Dropfleet), the outcome of which affects the next few DzC games, and then to have some Infantry “missions” in the (hopefully) skirmish game, which has an effect on a Dropfleet game or another DzC game, and that’s a wrap!

    Nice post, Chris! Looking forward to the rest of this series!… 8^D


    • Oh, yeah, and Team America at a future Invasion? Would love to do it, and link it to a trip to the UK for me and the Missus, maybe Fall 2016, if I can save enough… (really, who wants to go to London in February? September woukd be better, IMHO, plus gives more time to save up for it. But definitely on my Bucket List!)
      Pencil me in to be playing PHR (and gunning for Team Orbital Bombardment)!!!


  3. You forgot to mention that the Kodiak Orbital Strike is changing to a blast template weapon (hoping for medium but I believe it is small).


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