EndGame Spring Tournament Lists

by Stinger Six (Mike)

In response to requests for the lists used at the EndGame spring tournament, here’s a PDF of all of them, including the ringer (who didn’t need to play). Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Spring ’15 Lists


Episode 2 – Everybody Loves a Winner!

by Stinger Six (Mike)

Welcome to our second show! We kick things off with a review of a list from listener Thirsty Knuckles and then get right into a discussion of recent tournaments – the Las Vegas Open, and our own EndGame Spring Tournament! Lots of good tactical talk, commentary about lists, etc. Not quite as long as our first show, but some pretty in-depth discussion.

Intro – 00:27 – 02:10

List Review – 02:10 – 11:52

Las Vegas Open – 12:47 – 26:28

EndGame Spring Tournament, pt.1 – 26:26 – 53:15

EndGame Spring Tournament, pt.2 – 53:20 – 1:39:52

Closing – 1:39:59

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Scourge Tactics: The Desolator

Red Desolator

By Billyjoeray (Ian)

Ian here with some ideas on tactical and effective use of the Desolator, aka: the DOOOOM SQUID!

The Desolator is probably one of my all-time favorite Scourge units. In fact, it was the original hook that enticed me to collect Scourge as my number one army. Something about how it was, in the early days of Dropzone Commander, the only monstrous doomsday machine of ultimate destruction made the villain within me cackle with maniacal glee. It also reminds me of the Reapers from Mass Effect, one of my favorite races of sci-fi doomsday machines. Of course this also prompted me to make Reaper noises while I flew the Desolator around the table and electrocuted my enemies!

I mean, what’s not to like about a giant malevolent alien death machine? Continue reading

Scourge Test LIst: The Double D

By Billyjoeray (Ian)

Ian here with a list idea that I’ve been kicking around in my head. This isn’t by any means an entirely new idea, it’s more of a re-evaluation of an existing concept: the Double Desolator.

I was never sold on the Double Desolator (Double D) list before because it requires a lot of points going into two units that can’t score focal points and are relatively fragile. The way I looked at it, the second Desolator is basically a suicide bomb unit, and you have to let it go on a rampage until it inevitably dies. It seemed like the wiser option was to invest the second Desolator’s points in other units. But, since the latest card revisions allow the Scourge Jink and Weave card to buff aircraft, I got to thinking that the Double D might be a lot more powerful now, and much better for as all-comers list!

Continue reading

Rules Updates

Another guest post from Kyle Bonderud, this time holding forth on the recent rules updates! – Stinger Six (Mike)

Kyle again (yoink101) and I hope you are prepared to be provoked, informed of things you probably already know, and maybe a little bit entertained along the way. As you know, the errata for Dropzone was released on March 6th, and even though there has already been a lot of commentary, I figured I should write my thoughts down in one place instead of scattering them and repeating myself across the forum. Take a look: Continue reading

EndGame Spring 15 Tournament Results

By Stinger Six (Mike)

Argh – I had written a lengthy overview of the tournament, then hit the wrong key and lost the whole thing! I’ll re-post a new write-up later, but for now, I will simply post the tournament results along with the pictures I took.

We had a full roster of 14 players, which I dare say makes this the largest DZC tournament in the U.S. to date (that I’m aware of)! A great turnout! Continue reading

Guest Post – FACs and FMs!

Kyle (yoink101 on the Hawk forums) joins us with a guest post on the merits of FACs and Fast Movers, a subject which I am particularly fond of!    -Stinger Six
Hey all. This is yoink101 from the Hawk forum, and Kyle from the Endgame store. I’ve been playing UCM and PHR since around the game’s release, and Shaltari for the last year. The community at Endgame has been fantastic. Anyway, I thought I would bring my ramblings from the forum to another pedestal of wild speculation and unfounded opinion, this blog.

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