Episode 2 – Everybody Loves a Winner!

by Stinger Six (Mike)

Welcome to our second show! We kick things off with a review of a list from listener Thirsty Knuckles and then get right into a discussion of recent tournaments – the Las Vegas Open, and our own EndGame Spring Tournament! Lots of good tactical talk, commentary about lists, etc. Not quite as long as our first show, but some pretty in-depth discussion.

Intro – 00:27 – 02:10

List Review – 02:10 – 11:52

Las Vegas Open – 12:47 – 26:28

EndGame Spring Tournament, pt.1 – 26:26 – 53:15

EndGame Spring Tournament, pt.2 – 53:20 – 1:39:52

Closing – 1:39:59

As always, please leave comments below or send email to dzcrollinghot@gmail.com

Music provided by http://www.podcastthemes.com


3 thoughts on “Episode 2 – Everybody Loves a Winner!

  1. I really liked the idea of having objectives close by and get it off the opponent’s side. Did you score a point in that mission (LVO) for holding objectives as well? Also I loved the idea of a monorail that drops focal points.


    • Yes, Cameron and I played that if you held the objective it was +1 and if you got it off the enemy board edge it was +1 more. We changed the mission a bit to avoid some of the book keeping, but it was a pretty good mission, nevertheless.

      Monorail was good, too, but there was a big risk that someone could drop two FPs in the same spot… the only reason I didn’t was some very cold rolling. If I’d rolled the last 4(?) dice at all statistically, if I would have pulled this off Chris would have had a really tough time even getting a tie.

      All the custom missions were good, they just needed some play testing.


    • The objectives were scored the same with the exception that they’re taken off the opposite table edge, and units that return from reserve must enter back from that edge. The monorail mission is good and I think with some work could be a very balanced and competitive mission.


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