Episode 3 – The Leviathan Wakes


This episode, we’re getting our campaign on as we discuss the current Leviathan campaign, running at EndGame. We also have a more general discussion about campaigns, as well as a look at the new command units and another listener list review!

Intro – 00:25 – 01:49

List Review – 01:51 – 12:28

New Units – 13:24 – 39:07

Campaigns – 39:15 – 1:03:18

The Leviathan Campaign – 1:03:24 – 1:26:07

And here are some pics of the awesome scratch-built Leviathan model made by Chris Loomis! We’ll post up the rules we’re using for it later on.

Levi1 Levi2 Levi3 Levi4




5 thoughts on “Episode 3 – The Leviathan Wakes

  1. I’m not sure if I’m being stupid or not, but I can’t figure out a way to download it! I want to listen to your soothing vocals on the way too and from work, but don’t have the data to stream it…


  2. Great podcast, guys, thanks!

    I’ve used the Nemesis in 5 or 6 games now, always walking on, and I like it, think it works just fine as a walk-on commander. Have always had an enemy unit to shoot at turn 1 and onwards, and can get to a focal point in the middle of the table. I haven’t used him with a Hades yet, but I’ll get around to that eventually.

    The Phoenix is a beast, too, had it used against me last Tuesday, but the Kodiak is still a good option, it just can’t get itself to a focal point outside of its own backfield, and even in its backfield it’s giving up that laser zot, which did in my Nemesis last game (took until turn 6 to do so, and I had not one but two Field Repairs get Espionaged on me, to boot!)

    I like Ian’s idea of running the Oppressor with Hunters so they can keep up. You make a good point about not needing to take a Harbinger for the big crab daddy, especially if he can start out on a road. (Speaking of which, a Nemesis starting out on a road can still shoot turn 1!)

    I like your campaign ideas, but would love to hear more ideas on custom scenarios that take you outside the rulebooks. I’m not great at coming up with new mission ideas, especially how to skew the points towards one side yet still make it winnable for the guy at the disadvantage. Blog posts or an entire podcast on some of your special scenarios and (more importantly) how to construct them would be awesome!

    Looking forward to the next ‘cast. Hopefully it won’t be such a long wait for the next one!


  3. For future Leviathan days you could also get into the Hawk attack/defend missions that are hardly ever played. For example, Strongpoint Raid, The Hunt, and Bridgehead. You’d have to assign players/tables in advance (so they knew what lists to make) but it would be a low overhead way to get away from the standard tournament missions everyone is used to.


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