The Spread

by chrisloomis13

The Shaltari are on the tongue and this pretty much sums it up.


There’s been a lot of discussion on why Shaltari are seen as broken, and the spectrum appears pretty balanced.  For me there are a few reasons, and not all which are the Shaltari’s fault.  In this post I will be going over one of them, which I call the spread. Continue reading


That is one big bird…

Image is borrowed from Genzoman over at

The Shaltari have been a topic of much debate and concern all over the place. Mostly because of the gate mechanics they are able to accomplish some things that no other faction is capable of. I don’t want to talk about that, I want to talk about the Roc of the Shaltari fleet: the Gaia.

There is much lamenting and dismissal of this gargantuan hole in the sky, but can it offer something to the Shaltari ground forces. Continue reading

Raising Leviathan

by chrisloomis13

“It’s alive… IT’S ALIVE!”


Ahem, sorry I couldn’t think of a better attention grabber [that was still rated G]. This post is going to be on how I built the Leviathan model we are using for our campaign. If you would like to know more about the campaign, check it here:

So the task given to me was to create a Scourge super death machine, a Jumbo Desolator if you will. Knowing my own skills, I knew I could fabricate some of it, but a lot of detail work would be better left to bitz. Ebay is the easiest place to find these and GW bits are the most plentiful, so which factions have pieces to draw from was the question. Many feel the ‘Nids are a good choice, but they are completely organic. Scourge are bio-mechanical, so to use ‘Nid bits one would have to tone down, obscure, and/or hide the more organic parts and add things like the ribbing and vents common to Scourge units. To me, a better match were the Dark Eldar. They have smooth forms that are closer to bio-mechanical than ‘Nids. I started looking through the bits and sniping auctions for as cheap as possible, picking up a Venom hull, Talos tail and carapace, and Reaver jetbike hoods. Continue reading