How to fight the dreaded Shaltari

There has been a lot of talk recently about the lack of weaknesses that Shaltari have. So here are my ramblings on some of the reasons that I think Shaltari are doing very well, and some ways you can deal with the adorable little space hogs.

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I’m on top of the world!

Do you ever feel like you are Rose on the bow of the Titanic and the Shaltari are looking down at you from their perch up in space? I don’t either. But whatever.

Chris wrote this not long ago, and it got my brain working. Well done Chris, you have pulled out of my hibernation of happy ignorance!

Have you read his article now?

How about now?

Okay, fine. I’ll sum it up: if you place objectives/focal points close together, the Shaltari won’t be as awesome.

Here’s my idea: King of the Hill.

Place a super focal point in the middle of the map, and the rules are changed thusly:

  1. The focal point will be scored during the end phase of each turn. This is to mitigate those last turn shenanigans that people abhor so much. This also encourages dropships, because you want to get your units to that focal point as early as possible to start scoring right away. Make sure there is some cover near the focal point so you can have an intense pitched battle for control of the hill.
  2. Units can score within 8 inches of the focal point. Just to make the area bigger and it harder to block players from getting in.
  3. Have objectives in nearby buildings to give the infantry something to do.


Will this give some other factions the ability to compete with the Shaltari? Will the Scourge dominate this too fast because they can keep everybody else from getting too close? Let us know what you think!