June 2015 DZC Poll Results

by chrisloomis13

Without further ado, the results:


PDF: Data_1


PDF: Data_2


PDF: Data_3Data_4

PDF: Data_4


PDF: Data_5


PDF: Data_6


PDF: Data_7

First, thank you to everyone that took the time to answer the questions.  I haven’t taken the time to look at the results myself, so what follows is what led me to polling the community.

I ran this poll out of curiosity.  A reason not to consider running Recon is that no one in your area likes it.  Regardless of a personal opinion, if the majority opinion is that something is bad, then for the health of your community, it is probably best to consider it so.  This thought then branched to Shaltari.  Was I in the minority or the majority with my views?

Originally I wanted to just poll if people thought Shaltari were overpowered, but game balance is not something one can simply measure.  So I added a question whether Dropzone is balanced, a litmus test of sorts to see how the community viewed game balance.  DZC is regarded as a balanced game, but can it be if the Shaltari (or any other factions) are a problem, and how can you answer if game balance cannot be measured?

This isn’t a court of law where we are trying to convict a defendant, but a burgeoning community.  Community opinion matters.  This game is still young, and if new potential players are interested and read that certain factions are not balanced, they may be turned off and not even try.  I have personally felt the negativity, getting paired for a game and feeling as though my opponent had resigned before the first die was cast because I play Shaltari.  I like to think that perhaps he was trying a new strategy.

I’m not trying to say that Hawk should fold and do whatever the most vocal members say, but hopefully this poll gives us a pulse on the community’s opinion.  It will probably be more persuasive than any shouting match between the same peoples.

Moving away from lofty rhetoric, I had considered other questions such as “What factions do you play?” and “Where [country/region] do you play?” but decided not to.  I felt like asking too many questions might turn some off from bothering to answer any of them, and 7 felt like plenty.  Asking for factions played may have been wise – my apologies if you think it was a grievous error excluding it, but I like to hope that the majority of us can attempt to look at this objectively.
Lastly, there were some interesting comments on the poll.  The Shaltari Caiman was repeatedly mentioned, as was mission balance or selection being the culprit for any perceived balance issues.  Some didn’t understand why I split Resistance into Feral and Allied, but others feel that the two are not properly balanced.  It’s been fun reading the comments, and hopefully it continues.


5 thoughts on “June 2015 DZC Poll Results

  1. I think its the gate movement that makes the shaltari op. Not only can a player tellaport across the map but the gates move fast enough to take key points on turn one. Plus the shaltari player doesn’t have to worry about losing his sqauds if a gate is shot down.


  2. Good idea running this poll, Chris!

    I’m curious about the perceived weakness (seeing as I’m constantly whining about PHR) based on primary army. How about on the next run the questions could be along the lines of…

    – PHR is my primary army and I think they should be considered an OP army.
    – PHR is not my primary army and I think they should be considered an OP army.
    – I have never played as PHR, but based on games I’ve played against them, they should be considered an OP army.
    – PHR is my primary army and I think they should be considered a UP army.
    – PHR is not my primary army and I think they should be considered a UP army.
    – I have never played as PHR, but based on games I’ve played against them, they should be considered a UP army.

    Word it that way for each faction maybe. I think this way may give a pretty good feel for the experience of the individual players and the factions they play.


      • I wrote that wrong, that’s why. Distracted posting is inadvisable! I was more interested in seeing if primary Faction A players see Faction B, C, D as strong/weak. If a high percent of Faction A seems to have trouble with Faction C, wouldn’t that point more directly to what type of tweak needs to be made?

        For example (easy one), PHR primary players seem to have the most problems with Shaltari. So, look into balancing them out in a more targeted manner between those two factions.

        Or, maybe that’s too granular.


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