2015 BAO DZC Tournament report 2

by chrisloomis13

This post will go over some highlights of my 3 games from the BAO and some additional thoughts on the event. Continue reading


2015 BAO DZC Tournament report 1

by chrisloomis13

Sorry for the delay on the post, been busy and also wanted to wait to get the top 3 lists.  Unfortunately I only have the top 2.  Photo dump is at the bottom if that is all you are interested in.  Before that, if you were unaware, the Bay Area Open had 7 entrants in the Dropzone Commander tournament.  We had 1 UCM, 2 Scourge, 2 PHR, 2 Shaltari, and the TO played Scourge as ringer.  The games were scored using the Hawk tournament pack, but the missions played were a mix of book missions and total custom missions, and these will be detailed after the lists. Continue reading