2015 BAO DZC Tournament report 1

by chrisloomis13

Sorry for the delay on the post, been busy and also wanted to wait to get the top 3 lists.  Unfortunately I only have the top 2.  Photo dump is at the bottom if that is all you are interested in.  Before that, if you were unaware, the Bay Area Open had 7 entrants in the Dropzone Commander tournament.  We had 1 UCM, 2 Scourge, 2 PHR, 2 Shaltari, and the TO played Scourge as ringer.  The games were scored using the Hawk tournament pack, but the missions played were a mix of book missions and total custom missions, and these will be detailed after the lists.

So here is the winning PHR list by Devin AKA Hohoman2


Here is my 2nd place Shaltari list

Gharial (CV3)
Warrior Clan
Yari -Ionx2

3rd was Ian AKA Billyjoeray

Standard Army Clash: 1483/1500 points

Oppressors [345 pts] Desolator: Desolator(Master) [225 pts] Prowlers: 4x Prowler, Intruder Beta [60 pts] Prowlers: 4x Prowler, Intruder Beta [60 pts]

Vanguard [304 pts] Hunter Squad: 3x Hunter, Marauder [146 pts] Reaper Squad: 3x Reaper, Marauder [158 pts]

Vanguard [351 pts] Hunter Squad: 3x Hunter, Marauder [146 pts] Ravagers: 3x Ravager, Harbinger(+Mini Arc Caster) [205 pts] Warriors [282 pts]

Warrior Horde: 2x Warriors, Intruder Alpha [94 pts] Warrior Horde: 2x Warriors, Intruder Alpha [94 pts]

Warrior Horde: 2x Warriors, Intruder Alpha [94 pts]

Invasion Host [141 pts] Slayer Squad: 2x Slayer, Marauder [141 pts]

Attack Swarm [60 pts] Corsairs: Corsair [60 pts]

So now the missions.  There were 4 tables, each playing a different mission.  Starting with the easiest to describe, there was targets with a typical amount of buildings.  Differences being there were 7 objectives in a non-typical spread.  There were 2 multi-segment buildings that each had 2 objectives on each side of the board, to the left of each player’s edge.  What was interesting is there was a bottom section that could not be destroyed before the segments it supported were taken out.  These top segments were 2 30 DP towers with objectives that had a 20 DP section connecting them.

The next table was Take and Extract.  I did not play on this table, so am not sure if the spread was straight out the book or modified at all.  The table featured an extensive overpass and a very tall building.

Next was the Bridgehead mission.  This features a river diving the table in 2 at the midline.  Over which are 2 bridges, one on each flank, that have a focal point at the center.  The bridges were composed of 3 sections, 2 ramps and a middle, that were A10 and 30DP, I think.  Since there was no way I was dropping that I don’t remember.  There were only 2 buildings on either side of the river, central to the board, which also had a catwalk that spanned over the river between them.  The catwalk had a landing pad that could fit a small LZ and destroying a building did not bring the catwalk down.  A major issue was there wasn’t a whole lot on the table.  Each player was awarded one building to hide behind.

Lastly, was a rural board that featured the monorail mission from the LVO.  It has the players starting in readiness off the corners, think Secure the Flanks, with the monorail running between the other corners.  Players shoot the monorail, which is A8 and for every 10DP dealt a car falls off the back and becomes a focal point.  There are 3 cars.  Differences between LVO and this was that instead of moving a flat 12” per cleanup stage (first turn the monorail counts as arriving so is not moved), it moved 10+d6”.  Another difference is the possibility to shoot a pylon which were A10 and 10 DP, I think.  Again I ruled is out (playing Shaltari I didn’t want my opponent to know where the sweet spots were going to be), so am not sure exactly.  If the monorail met the end of the line, all remaining DP would be dumped there.  Along the central corridor the monorail ran there was a lake, forest, plateau, forest, and another lake all butt up against one another.  Between the forests and plateau, a wall was created between the 2 players that was at least 30” long.  I love rural terrain, but forests slow all armies down drastically and without any fast way to go around, the only option was to go over, right into the arms of your opponent.

I will write another post detailing my matches, but for now enjoy the pictures, or at least the ones I cared to make sure I had a focus shot.

BAO 2015 DZC BAO 2015 DZC BAO 2015 DZC BAO 2015 DZC BAO 2015 DZC BAO 2015 DZC BAO 2015 DZC BAO 2015 DZC BAO 2015 DZC BAO 2015 DZC BAO 2015 DZC BAO 2015 DZC BAO 2015 DZC BAO 2015 DZC BAO 2015 DZC BAO 2015 DZC BAO 2015 DZC BAO 2015 DZC BAO 2015 DZC


2 thoughts on “2015 BAO DZC Tournament report 1

  1. Those are gorgeous buildings! So jealous!

    That’s an interesting way to run the event, having static tables that always run the same scenario, but different players rotate onto them in each round. I understand why it was done that way, given the table layouts and very nice terrain used. I’m not sure what impact, if any, that might have had on inter-round standings and the final results. Care to speculate/comment?


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