Rural Boards at Endgame Tournament


The first game of the recent DZC Tournament at Endgame was different not only because of the scenario, but also because it was played on 100% Rural boards.  Absolutely no buildings were on any of the tables.  This changes the game and throws some conventional wisdom straight out the window.  Before I get to the reflective part, let me go over some of the changes to the terrain rules I made.

  • Forests were 4” high substantial area terrain.
  • Boulder Fields were 1” high substantial area terrain.
  • Light Vegetation/Deep Snow/Deep Sand were ¼” high insubstantial area terrain.  It has the following deviations from the rulebook.  Vehicles that are ½” tall, or less, treat this terrain as Poor Ground, making it Tough, but they also claim Soft Cover.  Vehicles taller than ½” are not slowed, but do not claim any cover.  Disregard any turrets or weapons when measuring the height of the vehicle to determine how it interacts with this terrain.  This terrain does not obstruct the LZ of aircraft that do not count as skimmers while landed.
  • Water is Barrier Ground with no height.  It has the following deviations from the rulebook.  Infantry and vehicles may move into the shallow water surrounding the body of water.  Shallow water is defined as the unit being wholly within the terrain while still touching the edge of it or moving in until the center of the unit is 1” in from the edge of the terrain whichever occurs first.  Infantry and vehicles moving over the shallow water in any way will count the terrain and Tough and will halve their move.  Vehicles 1/2” tall, and under, and Infantry, with their center point within the terrain feature will receive Soft Cover.
  • Cliffs are vertical, or near vertical, pieces of terrain and are impassable to infantry and vehicles.  Aircraft may fly over them assuming the cliff is less than 6” high.
  • Slopes are gradual ramps and can be moved over freely.

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Frontline Control v2.0

dzc_frontlineControl_map2The Endgame Sept. ‘15 tournament was a major test for my competitive mission Frontline Control.  Here are some earlier version as well as the latest for your review

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Endgame Sept. ’15 Tournament Results

Our 3rd Biannual tournament has come and gone.  This first post will be strictly the results, lists, and picture dump.  I aim to follow up with at least one post about thoughts, but may stretch into two or three as I would like to discuss Rural boards, how my custom mission fared, and other thoughts from observing 15 games.

Due to the Labor Day Holiday, we had some drops and only had 10 participants, but that is still enough to brag this side of the pond.  We also had 4 UCM players turn out, which is great, as we had a shortage.  Last time it was PHR our in force as we didn’t have many of those previously.  With no Scourge present at the event, my prediction is 40+% of the field will be Scourge next time, following the trend.  Here is the spread in an easy to read list:

  • 4 UCM
  • 0 Scourge
  • 2 PHR
  • 1 Shaltari
  • 3 Resistance

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A New Era for Infantry, Why Not?

Why Not

What with work getting busy and actually getting some painting done, I haven’t had much time to bring my showy little hedgehogs to the table as often as I would like. Despite this, I managed to squeeze two games in over the last month. Grrrrr. I will play more consistently.

One of those games featured Valkyries in my opponent’s army, and while they were quite cool, the situation for them to really shine did not show itself. I was however, able to put a damage point on an Odin at the tip of my Firstborn’s sword! Sadly, the Odin retreated and I was not able to finish the job. Continue reading