A New Era for Infantry, Why Not?

Why Not

What with work getting busy and actually getting some painting done, I haven’t had much time to bring my showy little hedgehogs to the table as often as I would like. Despite this, I managed to squeeze two games in over the last month. Grrrrr. I will play more consistently.

One of those games featured Valkyries in my opponent’s army, and while they were quite cool, the situation for them to really shine did not show itself. I was however, able to put a damage point on an Odin at the tip of my Firstborn’s sword! Sadly, the Odin retreated and I was not able to finish the job.

The other match, which is still fresh in my mind, featured two squads of Medusae. Now, if I were playing UCM with machineguns on all of my dropships, gunships, tanks, and everything, I would have been nervous but ready. If I had been playing PHR with machineguns on most of my walkers, dropships, and APCs, I also would have felt prepared. As it was, I made a huge mistake with my list. I dropped my Dreamsnare and Jag in favor or two Ocelots. I dropped my original Ocelot in favor of a Caiman.

Atawallpa Failed Experiment

Here is Rich’s list, as close as I can remember it. He’s Novus on the forums.

Squirmy Bastards

“Super anti-tank!” I thought. “Level buildings!” I thought. I did not think that my thought at the table would be, “Wow, I can’t do anything about those crazy flying cyber babes!” Yet, as soon as the game started, that is what I started thinking. The ability of the Medusa to ignore buildings when they move is, to put it gently, AMAZING! Her versatility and volume of shots is devastating, and her evasion and 10 DP means that she can tank better than a Hades.

So the Medusa is amazing, but I haven’t played against the other new units yet. With their armor ranging between 1 and 5 (7 if you count the screamer) anti-infantry weapons may finally have some targets. Hazard Suits, Mortar Teams, Flak Teams, Immortal Snipers, Resistance ATVs, Pungari, and Medusae, all want to be out in the open or on the walls. Not to mention Praetorian Snipers, Freeriders, and even other infantry occasionally. With all of these targets that need to be outside or on the walls to be productive, all of the those UCM machineguns will have something to shoot at!

Now, I love the Dreamsnare. It suits my playstyle because I like to hide behind buildings and turtle up until I have an opportunity. The Dreamsnare helps with the turtling, and when I am able to get close to an enemy, the E12 shot is a nice bonus.

Every once in a while I have been able to get a shot off with the super microwave guns to blow away some infantry squad. Had I brought my Dreamsnare with me, the Medusae would not have had such a free reign over the table. On a statistically average roll, the Dreamsnare should be able to throw  5 or 6 DP onto a Medusa in one turn. That kind of damage cripples the damage output of the Medusa.

I think that the new units are really going to shake the game up. All of those heavy tanks may find less targets to destroy in the future.


2 thoughts on “A New Era for Infantry, Why Not?

  1. I’ve played with the Medusa three times now, and have finally figured out how to play her. She is definitely killable, if you put her too far out too soon, or ignore other threats, like Infantry at the walls with machine guns. Or if you opponent has some really good dice rolls. LOL.

    I’ve used the Valkyries twice now, the first time was meh, the second time I forgot that they don’t need their Triton to move from building-to-building, as long as the buildings are within 12″ of each other. D’oh! I guess they’d be pretty good in CQB, but so far nothing to go on, need to use them more.

    I’ve also used the Longreach Rifle Team three times, and I’m underwhelmed. I might drop them from my next list, if I can figure out what to do with the spare 12 points over regular Immortals, which are still aces in my book. Dropping the Rifle Team will result in a completely different list, but I’m ready to try a blob of 6 Apollo-A’s soon.

    I’ve got a game scheduled with Darryl this coming Sunday. Not sure if I’ll get another 1,500 point game in between now and then. I’ve got a demo this Thursday, and a Demo Day all day Saturday.

    But I agree with you, these new Infantry units are definitely going to shake up the scene. I’ve faced the Screamer and Raider twice now, and they are scary!

    Remains to be seen how Hawk will adjust all of these new units from their current Experimental Rules to when Reconquest: Phase 2 comes out…


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