Endgame Sept. ’15 Tournament Results

Our 3rd Biannual tournament has come and gone.  This first post will be strictly the results, lists, and picture dump.  I aim to follow up with at least one post about thoughts, but may stretch into two or three as I would like to discuss Rural boards, how my custom mission fared, and other thoughts from observing 15 games.

Due to the Labor Day Holiday, we had some drops and only had 10 participants, but that is still enough to brag this side of the pond.  We also had 4 UCM players turn out, which is great, as we had a shortage.  Last time it was PHR our in force as we didn’t have many of those previously.  With no Scourge present at the event, my prediction is 40+% of the field will be Scourge next time, following the trend.  Here is the spread in an easy to read list:

  • 4 UCM
  • 0 Scourge
  • 2 PHR
  • 1 Shaltari
  • 3 Resistance

Here are the point break downs:

  1. killionaire – 54
  2. Novus – 37
  3. newsun – 31
  4. yoink101 – 29 (1,851 kill points)
  5. Hohoman2 – 29 (1,426 kill points)
  6. David – 26 (1,600 kill points)
  7. Tenebris – 26 (868 kill points)
  8. Paul – 24
  9. Keith – 23
  10. Lucas the Beard – 21

Of note is killionaire’s Resistance who defended their title, as they won the Tournament at Endgame earlier this year.  Between both tournaments, he scored 110 points out of a possible 120!

Without further ado, here are the lists in the same order as points above:

Force FuriosaWill Of The Sphere - EG9.4 UCM EndgameAtawallpa Hohoman2's Great Undertaking

missing David’s exact list – will be inserted here if obtainedTenebris

Paul's Emerald ShivKeith's Army Lucas The Beard UCM

And pictures! (camera on phone is poor)

IMAG0015 IMAG0016 IMAG0017 IMAG0018 IMAG0019 IMAG0020 IMAG0021 IMAG0022 IMAG0023 IMAG0024 IMAG0025 IMAG0026 IMAG0027 IMAG0028 IMAG0029


11 thoughts on “Endgame Sept. ’15 Tournament Results

  1. Yes, thanks for the report, lists and pics.

    Those are some very interesting lists you’ve got there! Quite unusual from what I’m used to seeing, both in our meta and online. Quite a few FMs, and that PHR list that placed 2nd even had 2 Taranis! Well, I guess Dave was right, folks DO bring the Taranis to events. And win with them. LOL!

    You do have a lot of Resistance, that’s for sure…

    Did Darryl talk to you guys about an InterState challenge between you all by The Bay and us out here in the Valley of the Sun?



    • FMs are fairly popular here compared to what seems to be the norm. Novus runs his Taranis in every list I think.

      Darryl didn’t mention it, but things were hectic as we were on a time crunch. The thought has crossed my mind, I just can’t figure out how to settle travel costs. I’m thinking bout sucking it up and heading to the LVO, which may be the best venue for that.


  2. Wow, good sized event. I’m concerned by the UCM players though. Not many have embraced many/any of the new units available, or the fact that the command cards are a lot better (and usable) Not one Phoenix, I’m surprised.
    Looks like a great event


    • All the UCM players are pretty green. I think 2 months is the max experience of the 4 and I wouldn’t be surprised if none of them have played 10 games. I think you see a lot of UCM starters forces in the lists, and thus no katanas, phoenix, etc.

      Having said that, newsun came in 3rd. I questioned his choice of no commander, as I thought it was an oversight/mistake, but he was confident having read a dated treatise on running UCM w/o a commander. His point being that the cards favor air and infantry and if you aren’t planning to run those units there is no point to having the commander.

      Hopefully some of the Scourge halves of those starters find a home so we can get some Scourge next time.


      • What Chris said. I had intended to play but had to work that day (I am actually on staff at EndGame, so I was there but had to watch). My UCM list would have several new units, including the Phoenix among others. We tend to see this pattern in our tournaments so far over the past two years – there always seems to be a significant percentage of new players rolling one particular army. This time it was UCM for some reason (last time it was PHR). I put it down to the fact that DZC is still a relatively new game and will probably be pulling in new players in this fashion for some time.


      • Chris, I read that same article and tried a list sans commander and severaly regretted it. That said, Josh has a fair point, and his list mitigated the lack of cards by having strong armored units in force. I go heavy on the air and look to capitalize on the cards that help. But with no commander, I think you just have to plan to deal with never getting the initiative and so a list with tough units and a lot of depth is the way. You’ll also get the last activation in a turn so that can help?


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