Running with the Ferals

Recently, I’ve been playing my Resistance exclusively.  I have been running a list composed of units regularly rejected by common thought, putting them through the paces to see if their reputation is rightly deserved.  When reading this list, keep in mind that I didn’t expect anything from it.  It is just putting a bunch of “sub par” units that I wanted to try on the table, and seeing how they perform.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 8.46.54 AM

First, I am not going to cover units already viewed as being good.  These being Gun Wagons, Flame Wagons, Krakens, Fighters, Jacksons, Lifthawks, and Free Riders.  What I will be touching on are double Alexanders, Hannibals, low infantry count Resistance, Berserkers, and Hellhog with Cobra Missiles.  So first the command sans Thunderstorm. Continue reading