2015 BAO DZC Tournament report 2

by chrisloomis13

This post will go over some highlights of my 3 games from the BAO and some additional thoughts on the event. Continue reading


2015 BAO DZC Tournament report 1

by chrisloomis13

Sorry for the delay on the post, been busy and also wanted to wait to get the top 3 lists.  Unfortunately I only have the top 2.  Photo dump is at the bottom if that is all you are interested in.  Before that, if you were unaware, the Bay Area Open had 7 entrants in the Dropzone Commander tournament.  We had 1 UCM, 2 Scourge, 2 PHR, 2 Shaltari, and the TO played Scourge as ringer.  The games were scored using the Hawk tournament pack, but the missions played were a mix of book missions and total custom missions, and these will be detailed after the lists. Continue reading

The Spread

by chrisloomis13

The Shaltari are on the tongue and this pretty much sums it up.


There’s been a lot of discussion on why Shaltari are seen as broken, and the spectrum appears pretty balanced.  For me there are a few reasons, and not all which are the Shaltari’s fault.  In this post I will be going over one of them, which I call the spread. Continue reading

Raising Leviathan

by chrisloomis13

“It’s alive… IT’S ALIVE!”


Ahem, sorry I couldn’t think of a better attention grabber [that was still rated G]. This post is going to be on how I built the Leviathan model we are using for our campaign. If you would like to know more about the campaign, check it here:


So the task given to me was to create a Scourge super death machine, a Jumbo Desolator if you will. Knowing my own skills, I knew I could fabricate some of it, but a lot of detail work would be better left to bitz. Ebay is the easiest place to find these and GW bits are the most plentiful, so which factions have pieces to draw from was the question. Many feel the ‘Nids are a good choice, but they are completely organic. Scourge are bio-mechanical, so to use ‘Nid bits one would have to tone down, obscure, and/or hide the more organic parts and add things like the ribbing and vents common to Scourge units. To me, a better match were the Dark Eldar. They have smooth forms that are closer to bio-mechanical than ‘Nids. I started looking through the bits and sniping auctions for as cheap as possible, picking up a Venom hull, Talos tail and carapace, and Reaver jetbike hoods. Continue reading

Operation Cyan Rapier

By Stinger Six (Mike)

We’re on the topic of campaigns so I thought I’d post up about one I ran with Stephen last year that was a lot of fun. It was called Operation Cyan Rapier and I talked about it a bit on the podcast – about the mission where I had to fly my entire force in over a beach. I’m going to talk about how I came up with the idea, the missions and how you can set up a similar thing yourself.


If you are interested in playing any of the missions we made for this campaign, you can grab this file! Operation Cyan Rapier

The doc includes a photo of each battlefield so you can see how they were set up. You can use any sort of terrain you like of course, so use these as a placement guide. Continue reading

The Leviathan Rises

Leviathan up Close

Want to skip all the conjecture and see the Leviathan rules? Scroll to the bottom!

Campaigns are a great way to band your local Dropzone Commander community together while creating new, interesting missions for everyone to play. They can add a strong sense of cohesion to each battle, and give players room to let their hair down and play non-competitive missions that are focused on fun and experimentation. Narrative, my favorite part of most tabletop games, helps wrap the whole thing up to create a beautiful wargaming package!

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