I’m baack!

I write after a ludicrously extended break from Dropzone Commander of about a month. Finally, on Tuesday, I got a game in. And it was a game. I played against Chris Loomis and his still freshly rusted Resistance army. You should definitely check out his painting at his blog.

After the game, it got me thinking about the state of Dropzone and which units are finding the most success. Really, what I’ve come up with is two things that contribute to the success of a particular unit. This is probably completely obvious, but I’m going to ignore those of you who are more intelligent than me and direct this mind blowing idea at those of you who have been a little slow to coming to this realization, as I have been.

Rolling a lot of dice, and weathering a lot of dice.

That’s it, the mind blowingly amazing idea. Continue reading


A New Era for Infantry, Why Not?

Why Not

What with work getting busy and actually getting some painting done, I haven’t had much time to bring my showy little hedgehogs to the table as often as I would like. Despite this, I managed to squeeze two games in over the last month. Grrrrr. I will play more consistently.

One of those games featured Valkyries in my opponent’s army, and while they were quite cool, the situation for them to really shine did not show itself. I was however, able to put a damage point on an Odin at the tip of my Firstborn’s sword! Sadly, the Odin retreated and I was not able to finish the job. Continue reading


A question was brought up by Amitverse on the forums not too long ago, and got my gears going.

Here is the link for those of you who don’t like plagiarism and stealing: http://www.hawkforum.co.uk/hawkforum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=7015

So the premise is, do you take a huge battlegroup with one type of unit (anti air or anti tank) and ouch really hard with one activation, or do you spread those out so that each battlegroup has some flexibility and some potential wasted opportunity? Continue reading

New Units with an Infantry Twist

If you haven’t noticed that Hawk released the stats for their new units, then you probably haven’t found this post yet. Just in case the impossible happened, or you have forgotten the stats on some of these new monstrosities:


Okay. Now that you have read them, I’m going to tell you what I think. A disclaimer, I play PHR and Shaltari. Continue reading

I’m on top of the world!

Do you ever feel like you are Rose on the bow of the Titanic and the Shaltari are looking down at you from their perch up in space? I don’t either. But whatever.

Chris wrote this not long ago, and it got my brain working. Well done Chris, you have pulled out of my hibernation of happy ignorance!

Have you read his article now?

How about now?

Okay, fine. I’ll sum it up: if you place objectives/focal points close together, the Shaltari won’t be as awesome.

Here’s my idea: King of the Hill.

Place a super focal point in the middle of the map, and the rules are changed thusly:

  1. The focal point will be scored during the end phase of each turn. This is to mitigate those last turn shenanigans that people abhor so much. This also encourages dropships, because you want to get your units to that focal point as early as possible to start scoring right away. Make sure there is some cover near the focal point so you can have an intense pitched battle for control of the hill.
  2. Units can score within 8 inches of the focal point. Just to make the area bigger and it harder to block players from getting in.
  3. Have objectives in nearby buildings to give the infantry something to do.


Will this give some other factions the ability to compete with the Shaltari? Will the Scourge dominate this too fast because they can keep everybody else from getting too close? Let us know what you think!

That is one big bird…

Image is borrowed from Genzoman over at deviantart.com

The Shaltari have been a topic of much debate and concern all over the place. Mostly because of the gate mechanics they are able to accomplish some things that no other faction is capable of. I don’t want to talk about that, I want to talk about the Roc of the Shaltari fleet: the Gaia.

There is much lamenting and dismissal of this gargantuan hole in the sky, but can it offer something to the Shaltari ground forces. Continue reading