Rules Updates

Another guest post from Kyle Bonderud, this time holding forth on the recent rules updates! – Stinger Six (Mike)

Kyle again (yoink101) and I hope you are prepared to be provoked, informed of things you probably already know, and maybe a little bit entertained along the way. As you know, the errata for Dropzone was released on March 6th, and even though there has already been a lot of commentary, I figured I should write my thoughts down in one place instead of scattering them and repeating myself across the forum. Take a look: Continue reading


Guest Post – FACs and FMs!

Kyle (yoink101 on the Hawk forums) joins us with a guest post on the merits of FACs and Fast Movers, a subject which I am particularly fond of!    -Stinger Six
Hey all. This is yoink101 from the Hawk forum, and Kyle from the Endgame store. I’ve been playing UCM and PHR since around the game’s release, and Shaltari for the last year. The community at Endgame has been fantastic. Anyway, I thought I would bring my ramblings from the forum to another pedestal of wild speculation and unfounded opinion, this blog.

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