Tactics: Order of Activation

Another day, another Dropzone! Or, maybe the same Dropzone…  but who cares!

Today I want to talk about activations and how I like to evaluate my choices before I activate, in order to make sure I am making the most tactically sound decision that I can. The order of activations in a turn can have game changing effects. I can’t tell you how many times a game hinged on one activation.


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Y u no flame?! pt. 2

by chrisloomis13

Back to smudge the credibility of the Rolling Hot team some more, I’ll now get into the nitty gritty of those dust collects you probably don’t have.  If you didn’t catch the previous flame post, you can read it here:


Some interesting responses came from the last post, which I will address briefly first.  I stated that Flame units trump other infantry, and some were skeptic.  To clarify, flame units are not going to single handedly win your infantry fights.  However, they will set up a CQB in your favor.  Against troops this isn’t a big issue, but against exotics it is.  Every DP off an exotic base is at least 3 attacks not swinging at you when they’re engaged.  Also, there is no dodge save, and against A4 you typically need 5’s to damage rather than 6’s.  Without flame units, the only other answers are bring more exotics or demo the building.   Continue reading

Y u no flame?!


by chrisloomis13

Since I started playing Dropzone Commander there have been units that see no play time.  Some of these are very specific, but there were two broad categories of units that have been dismissed.  These would be fast movers and flame units.  I will leave fast mover coverage to someone else, but I can’t help but wonder why I rarely see them.  Yeah, I know, I should’ve written this in arcs so you could read while rolling your eyes.

This will be the first of two articles on flame weapons.  The first will cover why they are unappreciated and basic tactics.  The second will discuss the specific flame units and how best to utilize them in their respective factions. Continue reading