Operation Cyan Rapier

By Stinger Six (Mike)

We’re on the topic of campaigns so I thought I’d post up about one I ran with Stephen last year that was a lot of fun. It was called Operation Cyan Rapier and I talked about it a bit on the podcast – about the mission where I had to fly my entire force in over a beach. I’m going to talk about how I came up with the idea, the missions and how you can set up a similar thing yourself.


If you are interested in playing any of the missions we made for this campaign, you can grab this file! Operation Cyan Rapier

The doc includes a photo of each battlefield so you can see how they were set up. You can use any sort of terrain you like of course, so use these as a placement guide. Continue reading


Episode 3 – The Leviathan Wakes


This episode, we’re getting our campaign on as we discuss the current Leviathan campaign, running at EndGame. We also have a more general discussion about campaigns, as well as a look at the new command units and another listener list review!

Intro – 00:25 – 01:49

List Review – 01:51 – 12:28

New Units – 13:24 – 39:07

Campaigns – 39:15 – 1:03:18

The Leviathan Campaign – 1:03:24 – 1:26:07

And here are some pics of the awesome scratch-built Leviathan model made by Chris Loomis! We’ll post up the rules we’re using for it later on.

Levi1 Levi2 Levi3 Levi4