List Building: Classifying Your AA’s Role

Hey All,

Your friendly neighborhood Billyjoeray here. It’s been a little while since I’ve been ’round these parts and I had a hankering to talk some DzC shop! Today I would like to discuss what I am going to call “classifying your AA’s role” for lack of a better term.

We all know what AA (anti-aircraft) is and what role it plays in your army, in that it’s your only method of dealing with aircraft. There are two main types of AA units, which are better for different things based on their stats and characteristics. I’m going to call these “Aggressive AA” and “Defensive AA” and in my humblest opinion, I think a list is not very well rounded unless it contains elements of both. Continue reading


Operation Cyan Rapier

By Stinger Six (Mike)

We’re on the topic of campaigns so I thought I’d post up about one I ran with Stephen last year that was a lot of fun. It was called Operation Cyan Rapier and I talked about it a bit on the podcast – about the mission where I had to fly my entire force in over a beach. I’m going to talk about how I came up with the idea, the missions and how you can set up a similar thing yourself.


If you are interested in playing any of the missions we made for this campaign, you can grab this file! Operation Cyan Rapier

The doc includes a photo of each battlefield so you can see how they were set up. You can use any sort of terrain you like of course, so use these as a placement guide. Continue reading

Episode 3 – The Leviathan Wakes


This episode, we’re getting our campaign on as we discuss the current Leviathan campaign, running at EndGame. We also have a more general discussion about campaigns, as well as a look at the new command units and another listener list review!

Intro – 00:25 – 01:49

List Review – 01:51 – 12:28

New Units – 13:24 – 39:07

Campaigns – 39:15 – 1:03:18

The Leviathan Campaign – 1:03:24 – 1:26:07

And here are some pics of the awesome scratch-built Leviathan model made by Chris Loomis! We’ll post up the rules we’re using for it later on.

Levi1 Levi2 Levi3 Levi4



Y u no flame?! pt. 2

by chrisloomis13

Back to smudge the credibility of the Rolling Hot team some more, I’ll now get into the nitty gritty of those dust collects you probably don’t have.  If you didn’t catch the previous flame post, you can read it here:

Some interesting responses came from the last post, which I will address briefly first.  I stated that Flame units trump other infantry, and some were skeptic.  To clarify, flame units are not going to single handedly win your infantry fights.  However, they will set up a CQB in your favor.  Against troops this isn’t a big issue, but against exotics it is.  Every DP off an exotic base is at least 3 attacks not swinging at you when they’re engaged.  Also, there is no dodge save, and against A4 you typically need 5’s to damage rather than 6’s.  Without flame units, the only other answers are bring more exotics or demo the building.   Continue reading

Y u no flame?!


by chrisloomis13

Since I started playing Dropzone Commander there have been units that see no play time.  Some of these are very specific, but there were two broad categories of units that have been dismissed.  These would be fast movers and flame units.  I will leave fast mover coverage to someone else, but I can’t help but wonder why I rarely see them.  Yeah, I know, I should’ve written this in arcs so you could read while rolling your eyes.

This will be the first of two articles on flame weapons.  The first will cover why they are unappreciated and basic tactics.  The second will discuss the specific flame units and how best to utilize them in their respective factions. Continue reading

Scourge Tactics: The Desolator

Red Desolator

By Billyjoeray (Ian)

Ian here with some ideas on tactical and effective use of the Desolator, aka: the DOOOOM SQUID!

The Desolator is probably one of my all-time favorite Scourge units. In fact, it was the original hook that enticed me to collect Scourge as my number one army. Something about how it was, in the early days of Dropzone Commander, the only monstrous doomsday machine of ultimate destruction made the villain within me cackle with maniacal glee. It also reminds me of the Reapers from Mass Effect, one of my favorite races of sci-fi doomsday machines. Of course this also prompted me to make Reaper noises while I flew the Desolator around the table and electrocuted my enemies!

I mean, what’s not to like about a giant malevolent alien death machine? Continue reading