List Building: Assigning Units To Battlegroups

Hey All,

Billyjoeray reporting to the Dropzone with some more list building advice! This time I would like to talk about assigning units to battlegroups.

Number of Battlegroups:

First off, you should always aim to have the maximum amount of battelgroups allowed for your game size. This means that you will always have the maximum number of activations available and this will give you the most options when in a game. Continue reading


List Building: Classifying Your AA’s Role

Hey All,

Your friendly neighborhood Billyjoeray here. It’s been a little while since I’ve been ’round these parts and I had a hankering to talk some DzC shop! Today I would like to discuss what I am going to call “classifying your AA’s role” for lack of a better term.

We all know what AA (anti-aircraft) is and what role it plays in your army, in that it’s your only method of dealing with aircraft. There are two main types of AA units, which are better for different things based on their stats and characteristics. I’m going to call these “Aggressive AA” and “Defensive AA” and in my humblest opinion, I think a list is not very well rounded unless it contains elements of both. Continue reading